Director Oleksandr Goysanone
Scriptwriter Oleksandr Goysan
Cameraman Oleksandr Kosyak
Composer Oleksandr Boyaryn
Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
The Head of the Studio Roman Shyrman
9 min., 2019, Ukraine


He is a famous and talented actor, performer of the main and secondary roles, acquainted with a lot of celebrities people from the world of the film industry. Even Queen herself gave him the title of Sir Chub de Pigi, for his merits which are known in the world. His parents are from Switzerland, but Ivano-Frankivsk he considers his home, where live his the dearest people. In his regular arrival he visited his family, he wondered what changes had occurred in their home, because he has been so long ago known each of them … but he does not know the main thing, they have a cat …