Director Valeriy GryshaIMG_5242
Scriptwriter Valeriy Grysha
Cameraman Valeriy Grysha
Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
The Head of Studio Roman Shyrman
9 min., 2019, Ukraine


Subject: the confrontation of two generations: one of them — for their practicality admiration, the other — for the selfless. Idea: material or spiritual,
grounded or creative — what will win on scales of
human soul?
Motive of the work: older generation
was educated on stories of
parents about hunger and poverty. They were taught
how to use ground for
growing food, as well as
make different preparations about
stock food. And the younger generation grew
already in the better material
situation. They were taught how to love nature,
flowers, develop an aesthetic taste for
using their hobbies. Seedlings or 
flowerpots, trees or roses, bushes or 
irises with lilies: that’s what the main thing in
the conflict between mom and grandmother.