Director Danylo BoykoДАНЯЯЯ№
Scriptwriter Danylo Boyko
Cameraman Oleksiy Pustomitenko
Composer Svyatoslav Dyadyus
Producer Danylo Boyko
Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
The Head of the Studio Vasyl Obraz
9 min., 2018, Ukraine

The main hero, Victor, sits at
the forest in front of the fire. Before Victor
appears a small silhouette of a boy. Victor threatens the boy with
weapon. A Small boy starts to play on
fictional flute. The fire burns.
In the fire, Victor sees a tree in which
hits lightning. The tree burns totally.
From the ashes appear birds
the animals. Victor rises and extinguishes the fire.
Falls to the tree, and he cries. Small
boy gives him a flush and
disappears. From ashes rises
sparkling in the sky, which becomes a star.
Victor hears a childish laugh.